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Thanks :iconzoarenso: :U


1. Post these rules.

2. Post 8 facts about your character.

3. Tag 8 other characters.

4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars. (u dont have to do this if u dont want.. no pressure)

Since my primary OC doesn't have a fleshed out back story, you get my secondary one, Vanilla Spice :U

1. Vanilla was an orphan as a child. She was abandoned a few hours after she was born. Luckily, she quickly was found by one of the local villagers.

2. She was not always an alicorn. She disappeared as a child earth pony and returned as an adult alicorn to wage war on Celestia immediately after Celestia's battle with Nightmare Moon left her vulnerable.

3. She was a trouble maker as child. Constantly stealing and pranking others. Even ran away from Celestia's castle after being offered to live the life of royalty because "it's not her style".

4. Vanilla's dancing (unknowingly by her now) puts men in a trance where they can't move or stop staring. This seems to have an affect while she dances in the strip club. But strangely enough, Sahharah's belly dancing entrances Vanilla.

5. Vanilla has only ever been injured once (by Celestia's female bodyguard during the war) which contributed to her memory loss. Since then, her body has become virtually indestructible as she has a rapid healing factors that makes it difficult to hurt her the same way twice.

6. Vanilla only fears two things, Celestia's anger (Since Vanilla was spared of execution after losing the war) and Sahharah getting hurt. Sahharah being the only one who can actually control Vanilla.

7. Vanilla had been married only once and had only one child named Cherry, which she outlived her daughter and her husband due to being immortal. Cherry did bore Vanilla a grandchild as a surrogate to another couple but that child remains a mystery.

8. Vanilla is actually a lot more muscular than she normally looks due to her keeping her muscles constantly relaxed (artists sucks at drawing hulked out characters).

I tag no one because I don't know anyone else who I can tag ;_;

  • Listening to: Droning computer noises
  • Reading: This monitor
  • Watching: This monitor
  • Playing: with your feelings
  • Eating: air
  • Drinking: water


Gimmie Cookie >_<
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Skype/Steam: Dekoldrick

I do what ever I'm inspired to do. From sprites, 3D models, to digital artwork. I'll also take some requests since I am always looking for something to add to my gallery or advance my skills. Just note: I don't do gore or explicit material (I have a separate blog for that). See below for request info before requesting.

Commissions Info

Status: Closed

Note: This info is based on SFW art only since I only post safe artwork here. NSFW art follows by the rules of my NSFW blog. Send a note for information on NSFW art. If you are commissioning/requesting a NSFW image for DA, it must follow DA's rules about mature content.

I won't be accepting points anymore since they just really have no use anymore.

Flat color Commission Commission Single Character - $10

Shaded Commission Single Character - $10 and up depending on complexity

Extra Character - $5 each

Single color/Gradient background - Free

Detailed background scenery $5 and up depending on complexity

Also, the amount of detail that needs to go into the image can increase the price.

Note: Try to commission things that are relevant to the art in my gallery. My commissions are inexpensive but I am not a mastery at all types of content. If you are paying cash, I will send an invoice to your email when the commission is complete.

Request Info
To make a request, just drop a description in my inbox. If I feel like it, I will draw it. Don't send messages begging to take your request.


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